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In Lemonade Land, we come together to share trials and tribulations and celebrate the resilience of the human spirit of to rise above.

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A Prayer For The World –
From Psych Ward to Spiritual Teacher

“I believe that your dreams, visions, and goals have come to you for a purpose and that YOU are uniquely qualified to actualize them” – Dr. Azriela Jankovic

Azriela ‘Dr. Azi’ Jankovic is a speaker, author, and coach strategically educating and empowering women to find their passion to lead with clarity, confidence, and creativity… on purpose.

Her book, Within Us podcast, masterminds, and events empower thousands of readers and listeners to translate thoughts and ideas into results. Her transformational tools and experiences are based on practical scientific research and ancient, universal Torah spiritual wisdom and poised to inspire personal and professional evolution.

Season 1, Episode 6    |   1hr 14min

Dr. Ari Jankovic

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